The Moscow Metro is one of the most grandiose constructions of the Soviet period. The Metro represents the pride of the Soviet people and is a symbol of the unity of the creative thought and heroic labour of millions. The whole country joined in the construction of the Moscow Metro and even now it remains the world’s best metro systems for its design qualities, architectural features and decor. This is a truly outstanding contribution from the people to the treasury of Soviet and world culture.

This explains why several Moscow Metro stations are included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. On the evening of 15th October 1934, the first Moscow Metro train departed for a trial run. This train composed of two A-type carriages (the first domestically produced metro train) travelled from Komsomolskaya station to Sokolniki station.

The Moscow Metro was officially opened on 15th May 1935 at 5:48 a.m. The current was switched on in the tunnels of the Metro, the first train departed, and at 6:45 a.m., 13 stations on the first Metro line were ready to receive their first passengers. The regular movement of 14 trains composed of A-type carriages started on the first section with a total length of 11.2 km from Sokolniki station to Park Kultury with a branch line from Okhotny Ryad station to Smolenskaya.

Text and photos: Boris Kogut